Aistė Ptakauskė
Creative Director

Dr. Jolanta Mickutė
Academic Director
Photo © POLIN

The Ethnic Kitchen is a non-profit organisation that

  • produces socially relevant arts and media projects;
  • runs cultural intelligence (CQ) enhancement trainings. 

Aiste Ptakauske explains the philosophy behind our trainings Life is a Form of Art (not Labor): CREATING A POWERFUL LIFE IS AN ART FORM

Online version of the documentary Ethnic Kitchen interviews Dr. Jolanta Mickute: Wciąż trzeba walczyć o prawa kobiet

Dr. Eglė Kačkutė on the documentary Ethnic Kitchen: I HAVE A DREAM, OR WHERE WOULD I LIKE TO LIVE?

Aiste Ptakauske interviews composer David Aaron Jaffe and violinist Karen Bentley Pollick: WORLD-FAMOUS COMPOSER PAYS TRIBUTE TO HIS GRANDPARENTS’ HOMETOWN VILNA (VILNIUS)


The Baltic Times interviews Edvinas Minkstimas, the composer and performer of music for the documentary Ethnic Kitchen: ‘PIANO ARISTOCRAT’ AVERSE TO RULES AND SETTLED IN SOLITUDE

The Baltic Times on the screening of the documentary Ethnic Kitchen in Switzerland: SWITZERLAND’S MODEST AMBASSADORS DEVOTED TO LITHUANIAN CULTURE

A picture story about the screening and discussion of the documentary Ethnic Kitchen at the Central Library of Vilnius City Municipality.

The Baltic Times interviews Academic Director of The Ethnic Kitchen Dr. Jolanta Mickute: TOMBOY-NERD NO MORE, BUT STILL UNWILLING TO ‘KNOW HER PLACE’

Aiste Ptakauske on Christmas rituals: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS… CHRISTMAS

Interview with Kimleigh Smith, a best-selling author and actress from Hollywood: “Her own superhero who breaks through fear in creation of magic”

Dr. Jolanta Mickute on Ruta Vanagaite’s “Musiskiai” (“Our People” in English): On Truth Telling, or Why the Holocaust is Considered a ‘Controversial Topic’ in Lithuania

The Baltic Times on community empowerment in Rokiskis: Theatre Makers from all over the World Gave Hope to Lithuanians

The Baltic Times on Kimleigh Smith’s impact on Lithuanians: One-woman Show about Sexuality Broke down all Barriers in Lithuania

Television interview with Academic Director of The Ethnic Kitchen Dr. Jolanta Mickute: Zionist women in interwar Poland

David Parrish, a leading creative industries expert from the UK, features The Ethnic Kitchen in his Ideas in Action series: Scaling up, from Stage to Screen

Aiste Ptakauske on Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India: HOW I DISCOVERED MY SUPERPOWER IN GLOBAL WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM