2018 Vilnius University Rector’s Prize to Aiste Ptakauske for Internationalisation of Studies by means of Designing and Successfully Launching the MBA Entrepreneurship Program
2017 Women Economic Forum’s Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All award to Aiste Ptakauske
2009-10 Fulbright Graduate Student Grant to Aiste Ptakauske
2010 Gordon J. Alderman Memorial Prize for Excellence in Creative Broadcasting to Aiste Ptakauske from Syracuse University, NY, USA
2009–10 Syracuse University Arthur Liu Multicultural Communication Fellowship to Aiste Ptakauske, NY, USA
2010 CEC ArtsLink Independent Artist Award to Aiste Ptakauske, CA, USA
2003 Augustinas Gricius Prize to Aiste Ptakauske for the Best Fiction Debut of the Year in Lithuania