Photo by Reda Mickevičiūtė


Have you ever considered how often we think and speak of our businesses, relationships, even entire lives in categories of production: TIME-MANAGEMENT, EFFICIENCY, PRODUCTIVITY, RESULTS, SAVINGS? Somehow, we stop noticing that an assembly line becomes THE metaphor for our lives. But is it really so that the main goal of our lives is saving time, money, energy, all other kinds of resources? What is the role of our family, friends, partners in this process? Are they merely assembly line workers who are supposed to hand us their part of a product and get out of our way in a timely manner? I suggest we should treat out lives as creative, as opposed to production, process and concentrate on PRECISION, FOCUS, IMPACT, CLARITY, RELATABILITY the way all creators do. Join me for my training LIFE AS A FORM OF ART (NOT LABOR)! We will explore how we can apply actors’, writers’, directors’, and other artists’ creative practices to our lives so that they become works of art and everyone around us becomes our creative collaborators.

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